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Vamp type Flexometer - Flexometer Vamp type Low Temp

Vamp type Flexometer - Flexometer Vamp type Low Temp

Apparecchio per la determinazione della ressitenza alla flessione continua di pelli o similari fino a -30°C

This method applies to leather to test resistance to continuous flexion till -30°C
  • Technical specifications

    VAMP TYPE FLEXOMETER Device for determining the resistance to continuous bending of leather or similar.

    8 samples are mounted on the test unit and are checked at regular intervals to check for any breakages. As soon as breakages or malformations are found, the test is to be considered concluded

    Technical characteristics - suitable for working from room T to - 30°C approximately (o other temperatures on request)

    Construction features

    - VAMP type fleximeter equipment as described assembled with REFRIGERATOR SYSTEM at low temperature

    - load-bearing cabinet made of painted steel sheet on pivoting wheels

    - Internal test cell in 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL with the following internal useful dimensions front: 500 mm. about b) prof. : 500mm. c) height: 300 mm. about

    - upper hatch on self-aligning, perfectly sealed hinges with handle

    - double seal internal insulation

    - hermetic motor-compressor of adequate power complete with the relative servomechanisms.

    - Internal light with 12 V lamp

    - Safety microswitch on the door. Control panel with: - Magnetothermic safety switch

    - Illuminated push button START-STOP movement group

    - Illuminated START-STOP fridge-fan button

    - Illuminated internal light button - Illuminated button for MANUAL positioning of the sole holder unit. - Digital programmer-indicator of the test T- Digital electronic cycle counter with 6 digits.

  • Technical Specifications

    The equipment is in order to test resistance to repeated flexions on leather and leather

    n°8 samples with dimensions in accordance with standards, will be mounted on clamps and fixed.

    Standards:UNI EN 13335EN ISO 4642 annex BIUP 39

    At time intervals suggested by the standards, by means of a lens, the samples will be observed. As soon as any visible cut will be detected the test is to be considered performed.

    Technical Specifications

    - suitable for working from room temperature up to - 30°C (or other requested temperatures) 

    REFRIGERATING UNIT equipped as follows:

    - carrying structure in varnished sheet steel mounted on wheels

    - test cell in stainless steel 18/8 size:

    - length: 650 mm. about-depth: 350mm. about - height: 350mm. about

    - upper door mounted on self-aligning hinges, perfect seal, with grip

    - double seal inner insulation

    - air-tight engine

    - compressor, with adequate power, complete with servomechanisms

    - inner light with 24V lamp


    Cycles selection managed by Last Generation Easy Color Touch Panel

  • Normative di Riferimento

    UNI EN 13335EN

    ISO 4642 annex

    BIUP 39

    other ...

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