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Our history

"Our story was born from the passion, the passion of two young entrepreneurs ..."

Our story was born from the passion, the passion of two young entrepreneurs, Ivo Giuliani and Laura Da Re, who, driven by the desire to build a new reality in the research sector in 1973, opened, in a small room in the center of Turin, the first laboratory for the construction of certified laboratory sieves. They study a new and unprecedented construction method that guarantees uniform tensioning of the net around the entire perimeter and is immediately successful.

In short the company grows and after just two years it changes its location and moves a few meters to much larger premises that allow the development of new productions.

Giuliani Ivo.jpg

The great passion for skiing and belonging to the Nordic Ski Turin leads to the creation of a prototype for the fatigue test of the cross-country shoes which immediately meets a good commercial development.

In 1978 the first walking simulator for sports shoes with computerized control was created and patented, created in collaboration with some engineers of the Politeccnico, and the following year the first test system for boots with polyurethane hull.

In 1979, the meeting with ZBF, a multinational leader in the industrial filtration sector, which allows Giuliani to develop and expand the market throughout the national territory.

New test machines are patented and first prizes come, such as the gold medal for the technological invention of the year in Geneva and the first international awards with articles in major newspapers including Pravda and the Times.

It was 1982 when Giuliani founded the first test laboratory on sports shoes, the Ricotest, with a capable and highly trained German engineer, which he left in the mid-1990s.

And these are the years in which his son Bruno will join the company and five years later the youngest Sergio,

Bruno Giuliani.jpg

At the end of the 1980s, customers in four continents in the most varied industrial sectors can boast and in 1993 Giuliani moved to its current location, incorporating the production company and creating the Giuliani Group consisting of three companies: Giuliani, Giuliani Tecnologie and Giuliani Filtrazione .

In 1998 Giuliani Filtrazione, managed by her son Bruno, joined the splendid Swiss multinational Sefar and Giuliani Tecnologie merged the historic Giuliani.

In 2002 the founders left the company after years of passion and success and the company passed into the hands of his son Sergio, still the sole director of the company.

In 2010, the presence in 90 countries in the five continents was exceeded, as well as the presence in various research expeditions in Antarctica and in the most remote places in the world.

These are the years in which new applications are developed in the environmental sector and the company is certified Social Responsibility, first in Italy.

Today Giuliani Tecnologie can boast a very young and motivated team that looks to the future with the same enthusiasm with which Ivo and Laura looked at it, now 50 years ago, which thanks to their passion and vision have guaranteed us a constant growth full of successes and satisfactions

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