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Color Control - Color Comparison

Color Control - Color Comparison

Controllo Colori 

Colour Comparison
  • Technical specifications

    Color temperature indicates the degree of color with which a given light source appears to our eye. If we now illuminate various colored objects with this light source, we notice that their colors are rendered differently from each other, although the color temperature of the light source is always the same. This phenomenon originates from the different color rendering index "Ra". The color rendering index is established by means of a comparison with the normalized black body of Planck, with the assumption that the latter possesses an index "Ra" of ideal color rendering equal to 100 at each temperature. of color temperature, the differences in color between the lamp in question and Planck's black body, the lower the color rendering index "Ra" becomes. From the above it is clear that to indicate the light tone of a lamp it is necessary to give the color temperature and the color rendering index. Example: Planck black body = Ra 100 GIULIANI IG/CCO Tones of light 6,500 K = Ra 98 Fluorescent lamps 4,000 K = Ra 62 Note: Each color temperature can have the ideal value Ra= 100. This means that the colors are rendered in the typical manner for a given temperature. However, this reasoning is not always satisfactory, given that, for example, it may happen that an incandescent lamp only renders the blue tones in a very attenuated way, despite having an index Ra = 99. of the blue shades it will be necessary to choose a shade of light with a higher color temperature. By establishing a scale of "Ra" indices, however, light sources can be divided without difficulty into different color rendering categories: Color rendering categories Degree Ra Index 1A 90- 100 1B 80- 89 2A 70- 79 2B 60- 69 3 40- 59 GIULIANI IG/CCO lamps have a color temperature of 6,500 K and a color rendering index Ra = 98. For this reason they constitute the ideal lighting in cases where very high fidelity in the color rendition. As they fall into category 1A (according to DIN 6173 standards), they even meet the strict requirements relating to lighting in the control of the different shades of colour.

  • Technical Specifications

    The colour’s temperature indicates the colour’s shade with which a determined luminous source appeare to our eye.Following this statement, if we illuminate various coloured objects by means of this luminous source, we realize that their colours appear differently one another, this, daspite the luminous source colour’s temperature is always the same. Such phenomenon is originated by the different “Ra” color rendering index.The colours rendering index is established by means of the comparison with the normalized Planck blackbody, with the presupposition that, the last mentioned, owns an ideal "Ra" color rendering index of 100.Under the same colours temperature condition, the difference of colour between the lamp in subject and the Planck blackbody, will result as greater as smaller becomes the "Ra" colours rendering index. EXAMPLEPlanck Blackbody = Ra 100GIULIANI IG/CCO Llght Tonality 6500 k = Ra 98Fluorescent Lamps 4000 K = Ra 60 NOTEEach colour temperature may have an ideal Ra = 100. This means that the colours come rendered in the typical way for a certain temperature.This statement is not yet always satisfied, when, for example, it may happen that a Glow-lamp shows the blue tonalities in a very attenuated way only , despite it has an "Ra" index = 99.In case blue delicate tonalities shading are also required it will be necessary to choose a light tonality with agreater colour temperature.Establishing an "Ra" indices scale, the luminous sources may yet be subdivided without problems in different categories of colours rendering: COLOURS RENDERING CATEGORIES Class Ra index1 A 90-1001B 80- 892A 70- 792B 60- 693 40- 59 The GIULIANI IG/CCO lamps have a colour temperature of 6500 K and a color rendering index Ra = 98.For this reason they must be considered the ideal illumination in cases in which, a very High Fidelityin the colours rendering, is requested.The GIULIANI Lamps are part of the 1A class (referring to the DIN 6173 normes), besides they are in conformity with the mostly strict rules relative to the illumination in the different colours shades control.

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