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  • Whole footwear dynamic water impermeability

    This Machine is capable of evaluating a whole footwear dynamic water impermeability by testing its resistance while effectively walking into water.

    Giuliani’s Equipment features a twin set carrier allowing simultaneous testing on two shoes. Each sample is self controlled either mechanically and pneumatically and performs its testing into its own stainless steel and plexiglass tank.

    The operator will set a determined number of cycles at which reaching the equipment will automa- tically get to the stop sequence.

    The operator will be advised of the

    eventual previous water passage

    by means of the Giuliani’s patented Acquatest System, connected to each footwear sample, which will visually and acoustically signal the occurred phenomena. The whole Machine Fra- me is anti acid varnished to avoid any rust given by unwanted water contact. The electrical panel is fixed in order to avoid the same risk.

    This bench top Equipment will be necessarily placed whereas the plant air connection is available.


    Following are the equipment characteristics:

    • - Antiacid varnished cabin

    • - Transparent, Polycarbon Tank

    • - Sample Lift Up Pneumatic System • - 60 ±6 cycles/min Flexion System • - Fixed Flexion 22° ±5°

    • - Max flexion Force 30N

    • - Mechanical Sample Fixing Device

    • - Stainless steel artificial Foot

    • - Acquatest Instruments for the time digital automatic detection of water passage, featuring automatic sample rise up.


    Control Board complete of :

    • Magnetothermal safety Switch

    • n.2 Digit Cycle Counter

    • Start-Stop Big Touch Pushbuttons • Visual signals

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